Brisbane Times

Giant, floating QR Code and over 1,400 Free Coffees Cause a Splash!

  • Brisbane Times has recently underwent a brand transformation, unveiling a new identity and a new era of captivating content. Our mission was clear: elevate brand visibility and reposition Brisbane Times as the go to news service for all things Brisbane. We needed to celebrate their fresh identity, generated excitement around their content, and expand their audience. Our partnership with Brisbane Times exemplifies our commitment to innovative solutions and creative excellence.

  • Our activation had two key components. First, a 4m x 4m QR code floated along the Brisbane River for seven days, making stops at strategic locations including Eagle Street, Goodwill Bridge, South Bank, and Howard Smith Wharves. These stops offered pedestrians, commuters, and ferry passengers an up-close view of this captivating spectacle. The QR code linked directly to Brisbane Times’ updated website, showcasing their enhanced content to potential subscribers in real-time.

    In the second phase, we strategically distributed complimentary coffee at specific locations along the QR code’s route, with a focus on engaging early-morning commuters within Brisbane city. To redeem their coffee, individuals were prompted to scan the QR code, contributing to our scan target and amplifying the impact of our activation. Additionally, we offered Brisbane Times branded tote bags containing further details about this local news brand, enhancing our outreach efforts.

  • The QR code emerged as an unexpected spectacle that naturally captured the attention of the Brisbane public, ensuring a consistent flow of scans throughout the week-long activation. Its surprise presence along the Brisbane River ignited curiosity and attracted diverse crowds, becoming a central point of interest. Combining this captivating QR code with the enticing offer of complimentary coffees proved to be a strategic triumph. The allure of free coffee motivated people to eagerly scan the QR code before heading to work, leading to an overwhelming demand for coffee, which prompted us to purposefully increase distribution by nearly 50%. This unanticipated popularity underscored the effectiveness of our activation, surpassing our initial expectations and reaffirming the resonance of our strategy with the people of Brisbane.