GOMA Mural Campaign

Mass reach across Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney

  • GOMA were looking to drive the public to their new “Water” exhibition through a creative and visually-appealing campaign. After discussing several options with the client, GOMA and Black Raven Media landed on murals as the best way to promote the upcoming exhibition. GOMA were looking to not only increase Brisbane visitors, but to also advertise this interstate.

  • Black Raven Media installed a large-scale mural in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, targeting areas in which a younger, artier demographic can be found. For this, BRM targeted Richmond VIC, Newtown NSW and Fortitude Valley QLD. All locations are known as being areas with a heavy music and art influence. All murals used the same artwork as supplied by the client, with each being slightly altered to fit with the mural specs. Our team of artists were able to produce the artwork at each mural to an incredibly high-standard and maintained continuity across all sites.

  • One mural was installed within each market, running for a minimum of 4 weeks for each site. On top of this, each mural was up for at least one bonus week.