Giant Subway Sandwich

Received national news coverage & over 5.2 million tik tok views

  • For a campaign to receive Tik Tok views in the millions and national news coverage, Subway needed an activation that would grab the attention of anyone who saw it.¬†Although the client originally wanted to use an inflatable to replicate the giant fiberglass sandwich seen in their TV commercials, Black Raven Media knew that only the real thing would attract the attention Subway needed for this campaign to go viral.

  • Black Raven Media¬†successfully navigated council and marine body regulations which allowed us to tow the Giant Sub down main waterways in four major markets. Even without branding, the general public made the connection between the 10m long, 2.4m high, 2 tonne floating sandwich and Subway.

  • This campaign bought a smile to the faces of people all over Australia, encouraging them to share what they just witnessed. As a result, Channel 7 and Channel 9 were quick on the scene to report on the spectacle, and people passing by had no choice but to record and post videos of the floating Sub online, racking up over 5.2 million Tik Tok views and thousands of shares.