Subway Summer

Took over 5 Aussie Beaches & gave away 5,600 Subway branded beach items

  • To create talkability, align Subway with summer and promote the instore inflatable footlong deal, Subway needed to takeover Australian beaches with an inviting, engaging activation.

  • To secure permits within each market, we strategically facilitated a partnership between Subway and Surf Lifesaving Australia, positioning the activation as a give-back to the lifesaver volunteers. A VIP space for lifesavers with free lunch and goodie bags at each activation created positive ties between Subway and summer, allowed us to produce engaging content and offered an authentic reason to be on the beach.

  • We created the Subway ‘Feels Good Zone’ with live music, yoga, caricatures, refreshments, seating and more! Over 5,600 high-quality branded beach items were given out to beach goers across 5 different Australian beaches so that Subway could dominate the sand and surf with Subway logos. We also thanked over 200 lifesavers with VIP packs and treatments to ensure they are well equipped to do their jobs and save the day!