Lotto Mural Campaign

Generated excitement, intrigue & impact across 3 Major Cities!

  • Lotto were looking to bring to life their newest TVC campaign through impactful murals. The designs for the murals were to include realistic portrayals of the characters as they transform from black and white to colour. As a national campaign, mural locations were needed to be found in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne targeting heavy-foot traffic locations.

  • Black Raven Media found ten mural locations all within inner-city locations with heavy foot traffic. The sites ranged in sizes, with a heavy push on large-scale impactful sites. To bring the murals to life, we hired experienced, professional mural artists that were highly skilled in realistic mural work. Each mural was produced within 1-3 days, ensuring that all murals were active for the longest period possible.

  • Each mural was active for 3-4 weeks, with several sites including bonus weeks. Although produced by different artists within each market, they all were produced to the highest of standards and maintained continuity across all sites.