Trafalgar Activation


  • Trafalgar was looking to increase their brand awareness within an older demographic and drive attendance to the World Travel Expo. With Trafalgar looking to promote several deals and competitions, it was imperative to increase dwell time and give staff the opportunity to communicate these. The client were also looking to extend promotional value outside of the activation, and increase reach online.

  • Black Raven Media ran a one-day activation within each market, targeting Westfield locations that skewed to an older audience and had heavy foot traffic. To increase engagement and drive people to the space, a branded gelato cart handed out free gelato. People lining up for gelato gave staff the perfect opportunity to engage and discuss the several promotions and competitions. The public were then directed to a Venice-themed photo opportunity that included either a Gondola with gondolier character actor or a Carnival masquerade. The photobooth gave participants the option to have their photo sent to them and/or printed on site.

  • Over the course of three activations, Black Raven Media and Trafalgar served over 2,100 gelato scoops and 750 flyers to the public. Trafalgar and Flight Centre staff were able to build genuine connections with participants and discuss future travels, creating future customers. Through iPad sign ups and the photobooth, Trafalgar were able to build their email database further and increase future leads. Trafalgar repported excellent results from this activation, with an uplift in tour sales during the expo.