Woodford Mural


Woodford Folk Festival were looking for a creative and eye-catching way to promote their annual festival. They wanted to maintain their brand identity within the promotion to let the public have a taste of what the Woodford Folk Festival is all about. Black Raven Media decided the best way to achieve this would be to create a large scale mural through which Woodford can express their identity in a way that the public can enjoy.


Two murals were created at two separate locations, one in Newtown NSW and other in Hosier Land, Melbourne. With Hosier Lane being a top Melbourne destination for people seeking street art, Black Raven Media decided to turn the entire production into an event. With the help of Woodford, the lane way was transformed into a bustling show full of street performers, artists and onlookers, eager to catch a glimpse of the progress. A time-lapse video was also produced to show the progression of the mural, creating a great content piece for Woodford to use thereafter.


In Newtown, the mural was so greatly enjoyed by the owner of the property it was painted on, as well as the general public, that he had it graffiti-proofed to ensure its preservation. Because Woodford Folk Festival is on the same day every year, this mural has maintained a relevant source of advertising years after it was created. The event in Hosier Lane saw hundreds of people walking through to enjoy the performances and watch the progression of the mural.