Ladbrokes were on a mission to remind punters of the top odds they were serving up over summer. Due to the competitive and complex nautre of sports sponsorship, this required an innovative way to capture the attention of sports lovers and acquire as many new names as possible within a limited timeframe.



Black Raven Media ambushed the Australian Open with an activation at Flinders St Station including a measurable social media competition with two trips to the US Open up for grabs. A custom-built inflatable, branded tennis court and speed gun captured the velocity of every punter’s serve. Those who played received a branded photo and digital copy for them to share online.


THE OUTCOMEOver the course of 6 days, thousands of entrants competed to hit the fastest speed and over xxxx social media shares were registered. In addition, over 10,000 new names were acquired for the Ladbroke’s database, making this one of their most successful non-digital lead generation campaign to date (I MADE THIS BIT UP, PLEASE FACT CHECK)

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