Black Raven media is a Brisbane based media representation company that delivers results through strong strategic thinking, hard work and long standing relationships in the Brisbane market. Black Raven Media make it our business to understand the business needs of our clients and determine how best to engage with their target audience. We specialise in building relationships with both media agencies and the client directly ensuring a smooth and profitable partnership for all parties.

Black Raven media have a detailed understanding of how a media agency works and what an agency requires to see from a media supplier to be recommended to their clients. This intimate knowledge is built from working in one of the largest media agencies in Brisbane and having over 10 years sales experience across multiple mediums.

Our strategic capabilities combined with our strong relationships in all levels of the Brisbane media industry make us the perfect partner to represent your company in the Brisbane market. If you are looking for media representation in Brisbane please contact us to discuss how we can grow your business. Black Raven Media can work on a commission only basis for media representation in Brisbane.

Quoth the Raven…
In great historical moments, in powerful stories, in breaking new frontiers, the raven has been there as a messenger, as a leader, as a reminder, as a shape shifter and as a charm for a bright and magical future to come. In this shifting media environment, Black Raven Media leads the charge to deliver your message to a new, northern frontier. Black Raven Media keeps your brand top of mind and establishes its bright and profitable future in the Brisbane Market.